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What is a Fallopian Tubes – Natural Remedy For Fallopian Tube

Natural Remedy For Fallopian Tube: The Fallopian tubes are two thin tubes, one on each side of the uterus, which help lead the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. When an obstruction prevents the egg from traveling down the tube, a woman has a blocked fallopian tube, also known as tubal factor infertility. This can occur on one or both sides and is the cause of infertility in up to 30 percent of infertile women. It’s unusual for women with blocked fallopian tubes to experience any symptoms. Many women assume that if they are having regular periods, their fertility is fine. This isn’t always true.

When ovulation occurs, an egg is releases from one ovaries. The egg travels from the ovary, through the tubes, and into the uterus. The sperm also need to swim their way from the cervix, through the uterus, and through the fallopian tubes to get to the egg. Fertilization usually takes place while the egg is traveling through the tube.

If one or both Fallopian tubes blocks, the egg cannot reach the uterus. The sperm also can’t reach the egg, preventing fertilization and pregnancy.

It’s also possible for the tube not to be blocked totally, but only partially. This can increase the risk of a tubal pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy.

Causes Of Fallopian Tube Blockage

The most common cause of blocked fallopian tubes is an inflammatory disease (PID). PID is the result of a sexually transmitted disease, however not all pelvic infections are related to STDs. Also, even if PID is no longer present, a history of PID or pelvic infection increases the risk of blocked tubes. Natural Remedy For Fallopian Tube

Other potential causes of blocked Fallopian tubes include:

Current or history of an STD infection, specifically chlamydia or gonorrhea
History of uterine infection caused by an abortion or miscarriage
And Also History of a ruptured appendix
History of abdominal surgery
Previous ectopic pregnancy
Prior surgery involving the fallopian tubes

Symptoms Of Fallopian Tube Blockage

Unlike anovulation, where irregular menstrual cycles may hint at a problem, blocked fallopian tubes rarely cause symptoms. The first “symptom” of blocked fallopian tubes is often infertility. If you don’t get pregnant after one year of trying (or after six months, if you’re age 35 or older), your doctor will order a specialized X-ray to check your fallopian tubes, along with another basic fertility testing.

However, some of the causes of blocked fallopian tubes can lead to other problems. For example, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease may cause painful menstruation and painful sexual intercourse, but these symptoms don’t necessarily point to blocked tubes.

Can I Treat Fallopian Tube Blockage Natural Without Any Side Effect

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